PN528 - Director - Strategic Advice

Position number: 528
Classification: EL2 $112,379 – $132,801
Closing date: 23/03/2018
Branch: Strategic Advice
Location: Townsville

The Position

We are seeking a leader to direct a small team working to ensure the Authority is focused on maximizing Great Barrier Reef resilience through: setting strategic corporate direction, providing clear positions on external pressures affecting the reef, and continuing to guide the corporate narrative as the authoritative voice of the reef.

The position is a key lead in the Authority’s contribution to Reef 2050 and whole of government initiatives to ensure a coordinated approach across partners within the Authority. It is also responsible for the Authority’s international engagements.

The Person


  1. Providing high quality strategic direction, leadership and innovation in relation to:
    1. business processes to support the Marine Park Authority Board
    2. delivery of the Authority’s corporate plan and performance indicators
    3. developing new and rationalising existing strategy documents and position statements
    4. the Authority’s contributions in the delivery of the Reef 2050 Plan
    5. management of the Authority’s parliamentary services
    6. managing international engagement, including engagement on world heritage matters and the International Coral Reef Initiative.
  2. Driving the strategic alignment of functions and guide business improvement strategies that achieve corporate objectives and comply with government policy and guidelines.
  3. Directing and leading a section to deliver relevant program areas under the Corporate Plan and associated commitments through:
    1. supervising staff and building team capability to ensure optimum team performance and productivity
    2. developing, monitoring and evaluating work programs
    3. allocating and monitoring section budget
    4. contributing to Authority-wide projects and emerging issues as part of a broader senior executive team.
  4. Coordinating and preparing complex high quality advice and written material that is timely, practical, transparent and risk-based.
  5. Consulting, and partnering with stakeholders and service providers on matters relevant to the Authority, including:
    1. establishing and maintaining effective relationships
    2. leading and contributing to committees/working groups to persuade, negotiate or influence cooperation on strategic issues
    3. contributing to, or facilitating meetings and presentations
    4. leading the management of a Local Marine Advisory Committee at a location to be determined between Bundaberg and Cooktown
    5. representing the Agency as required.

Eligibility requirements and qualifications

Applicants must:

  1. Be Australian citizens to be eligible for engagement,
  2. The successful applicant must be able to obtain and maintain a NEGATIVE VETTING LEVEL 1 security clearance; failure to do so will result in termination of employment.  


Selection criteria

1. Demonstrated ability to apply appropriate knowledge, skills and experience as per the duties and requirements of the position. (Maximum 500 words)

2. Demonstrated ability to shape strategic thinking (Maximum 350 words)

  • Inspires a sense of purpose and direction
  • Focuses strategically
  • Harnesses information and opportunities
  • Shows judgement, intelligence and common sense

3. Demonstrated ability to achieve results (Maximum 350 words)

  • Builds organisational capability and responsiveness
  • Marshals professional expertise
  • Steers and implements change and deals with uncertainty
  • Ensures closure and delivers on intended results

4. Demonstrated ability to cultivate productive working relationships (Maximum 350 words)

  • Nurtures internal and external relationships
  • Facilitates cooperation and partnerships
  • Values individual differences and diversity
  • Guides, mentors and develops people

5. Exemplifies personal drive and integrity (Maximum 350 words)

  • Demonstrates public service professionalism and probity
  • Engages with risk and shows personal courage
  • Commits to action
  • Displays resilience
  • Demonstrates self-awareness and a commitment to personal development

6. Demonstrated ability to communicate with influence (Maximum 350 words)

  • Communicates clearly
  • Listens, understands and adapts to audience
  • Negotiates persuasively

PLEASE NOTE: The panel will not consider additional information such as a cover letter or content exceeding the word limit.

For more information please contact:

Margaret Johnson - 02 6274 2493

How to apply:

To apply, please view the full site