PN784T - Data Analyst - Crown-of-thorns starfish (Until 28 June 2019)

Position number: 784T
Classification: APS4 - $64,513
Closing date: 22/10/2018
Branch: Reef Engagement
Location: Townsville

Please note that this position will be employed through an employment agency and not through the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority directly.

The Position

We are seeking a data analyst professional to join our small team, working to develop and maintain the information systems used for the Crown-of-thorns starfish (COTS) Control Program, and to conduct analysis on COTS data to inform management decisions.

The position is responsible for maintaining the database and Geographic Information System (GIS) support service for the COTS program, in order to provide essential information for planning and management including developing, managing and analysing ecological and spatial datasets and managing associated databases.  It is critical to ensure that the information systems being developed for the expanding Crown-of-thorns starfish Control Program are finalised and integrated into the Authority’s infrastructure. This will ensure that data from the COTS Program can be interrogated and analysed efficiently to inform business across the organisation.

The Person


  1. Develop, maintain and manage COTS Control Program project data using the most appropriate data analysis products for the task, including:
    • Manage data originating from COTS control vessels and other sources to ensure quality control and consistency.
    • Perform database searches on relevant program activities.
    • Develop data gathering, management and analysis procedures and tools, and assist in the integration of these tools into the Authority’s Information Systems.
    • Conduct analyses of COTS and reef health data to inform COTS control program management and prioritise the deployment of control vessels.
    • Present data effectively for a range of audiences; and contribute to the development of reports.
  2. Provide expert, timely, practical, transparent and risk-based advice to colleagues and supervisors on matters relevant to the COTS Control program.
  3. Collaborate with staff across the Reef Interventions section as required, by contributing to cross-sectional projects, emerging issues and corporate planning as part of a broader team.
  4. Assist with stakeholder engagement activities related to the COTS Control Program, including Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and researchers, to gather and share information to support the COTS Control Program’s knowledge base and information management systems.

Eligibility requirements & qualifications

Applicants must:

  1. possess a current Australian driver’s licence.
  2. be able to obtain (within a 6 month period), and thereafter maintain, a BASELINE security clearance. Failure to do so will result in termination of employment.


For more information please contact:

Mary Bonin – 4750 0843

How to apply:

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