Visitor Service Officers (Casual)

Position number:
Classification: Casual $29.14 per hour
Closing date: 01/01/2020
Location: Townsville

PLEASE NOTE: This is a continuous recruitment round. Positions are filled on an 'as needed' basis as operational demand requires. Applications are retained for 12 months from the date of submission.

Reef HQ Aquarium, Townsville, has a number of designated work groups within which casual employment opportunities exist for Visitor Services Officers (VSO). If applications are successful, casual employees are appointed to non-ongoing casual contracts. Work is determined by operational requirements within designated work groups. An ability to work in more than one designated work group is desirable but not essential.

A condition of employment is Australian citizenship. For more information see the Advice to Applicants page.

Applicants must supply all the following when applying:

  1. A cover letter that clearly states the casual position/s they wish to apply for (A - Scuba Diver, B - Education, C - Retail, D - Lucky T Turtle) and that demonstrates your ability to meet the specific position criteria listed below. This is to be inserted in the 'Selection Criteria' field on the Apply Online page.
  2. A copy of your résumé.
  3. A copy of relevant qualifications, licenses, certificates and Dive Medical if required. These are to be inserted in 'Other' on the Apply Online Page.
  4. Applicant Details Form (can be found on the Advice To Applicants page via the Related Links).

NOTE: You do not need to put a position number on the form. The classification should be listed as 'casual' and then Branch 'Reef HQ' with the Section listed as either A,B,C or D. If this information is not sent with your application, your application will be considered incomplete.

A. VSO - SCUBA Divers

Reef HQ Aquarium is the world's largest living coral reef aquarium. The Living Systems Team requires casual divers/aquarists to assist with diving duties. A copy of relevant qualifications, licenses and certificates are to be supplied on submitting your application. Highly suitable applicants would have:

B. VSO - Education

Reef HQ Aquarium is the National Education Centre for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority. Reef education programs are facilitated to students at all stages of learning. Casual education staff may work across a number of areas within the education section including assisting with the delivery of reef education programs for visiting school groups during the day, facilitating reef sleepovers at night and running children’s school holiday programs. Some casual education staff also work as tour guides delivering the daily program of talks and tours at Reef HQ Aquarium. Casual education staff who also possess the relevant scuba diver qualifications may also be called upon to undertake diving duties to support Reef HQ Aquarium’s reef videoconferencing program.

Highly suitable applicants would:

C. VSO - Retail (Admissions Desk, Waterview Cafe, and Reef In-store Gift Shop)

Reef HQ Aquarium prides itself on providing world class customer experiences and services. Highly suitable applicants would:

D. VSO - Lucky T Turtle (Reef HQ Aquarium's Mascot)

Lucky T Turtle is the ever loveable Reef HQ Aquarium mascot that receives 'rock-star' attention whenever it makes an appearance. Highly suitable applicants would:

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If you are having issues accessing this information please phone the human resources officer on 4750 0603.

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